3 Unknown Reasons Why Shopping Local Makes a Huge Difference

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Hey Kendall, were you aware that fifty-two percent of local spending stays in local hands? 3 Unknown Reasons Why Shopping Local Makes a Huge Difference will allow you to see why this is actually important.

In reality, When you’re supporting local business you’re supporting a dream!

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On the other hand, when you visit an independent local business, you’re not necessarily helping finance a CEO’s third vacation home.

Consequently, you’re helping a family pay their little girl’s gymnastics lessons and a little boy’s soccer jersey. If you are looking for a local shirt printing business, reach out to one of our local favorite jersey printing companies Fresh Pressed Shirts.  Let them know you are with WeAreKendall and you may receive a discount.

More importantly, you’re contributing to helping a caretaker put food on the table and a parent pay their mortgage while supporting the payment of a student’s college loans. 

Keep the money flowing in your local economy. Celebrate the uniqueness of your community.

By supporting local businesses:

  • Help support local jobs.
  • You help the environment.
  • Encourage the community.
  • Conserve your tax dollars.
  • Benefit from local expertise.
  • You invest in entrepreneurship.
  • Make this community a destination for others.

Before taking off to Coral Gables, Brickell, or Wynwood, think about the local establishments that can use your contributions to their bottom line. Eventually, with time each additional dollar will make its way into the tax collector to better our roads, schools, community centers, and parks.

When you shop at independent, locally-owned businesses, more than 52% of what you spend stays right in your community, supporting local organizations and services like public schools and police departments.  

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