South Florida Brewery Strange Beast Brewpub & Pizzeria Features Live Music in West Kendall, FL: @strangebeastbeer

South Florida Brewery Strange Beast Brewpub & Pizzeria Features

Can you Theme a Brewery with Kaiju Monsters and Win? Spoiler alert: YES!

Hi Kendall! In case you missed “The beasts” theme on your last visit, or in the event you were wondering the name of all these Godzilla-like monsters, let me explain a bit.

Japanese Sub-Cultures

In Japan, there are various popular subcultures (think Hello Kitty) and one of them is called Kaiju. On your next visit to Strange Beast, take a walk on the Kaiju side and observe the little critters on the wall. They even have the original Godzilla movie playing on the projector most of the time.

Can anyone say “weird” in a cool weird way? Welcome to the Japanese culture where weird is normality. It is actually pretty cool!


All about the Beer in West Kendall

What an unbelievable taste in food and experience. We promise this place is that good‼️ If you can not make it, no worries, it is easy to order online at All of their beers are tasty crisp, refreshing and unique so head on over to the Beast and get your crawler on!

Beer and Pizza?

The whole beer and pizza mix? We dig it so much, we can’t stop writing about it.  Dine-in or take out. Ask them if they know about the article that led you to them on just to see if the bartender /waiter/waitress is in the know. 

Let’s keep this Kendall gem alive… #supportlocalbrewery #westkendall #wearekendall #strangebeastbeer #localsforlocalskendall

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