The People of Kendall

Above all else, many of us think we know who lives here in Kendall, but do we really know?

Are you Kendall?

What is Kendall?

Ever since I can remember, Kendall was a place out west, a place that people went to purchase inexpensive real estate and start a family. In other words, things have changed drastically in the last few years, haven’t they, Kendall?

That is to say, being an 11-year-old kid, in Kendall, in 1988 made me realize a few things about the people living here. Moreover, I have never stopped observing. People in Miami thought Kendall as a faraway place out west where people moved to purchase more land for their money.

From an Idea to a Kendall-Based Business

More than two years ago, when I started looking into Kendall, Miami from a business perspective, I realized that there were many things I did not know. Things that I wished to knew before I started this friendly digital place we call I had to be real with myself, and in doing that I needed to ask some key questions. Things like:

What is Kendall? Who are the movers and shakers? Which are the biggest companies operating inside of Kendall and West Kendall, FL? How does Kendall differentiate itself from other towns and cities in Dade County? What does Kendall offer families looking for a homestead in South Florida? Can Kendall, Miami attract young couples from Coral Gables and Brickell? Do we need more attractions in Kendall? How can I better our town of Kendall? What reputation does Kendall have amongst other cities and towns in Miami-Dade County? What kind of people currently live in Kendall?

Firstly, Thanks to my wife’s Uncle (Tio Bill), who was a History teacher at a local MDCPS high school, schooled me on some things that I was unable to answer on my own. Subsequently, many of our first few blog posts came from this man. You can catch articles about the beginnings of Kendall and even the non-official boundaries of Kendall, FL.

Asking the Key Questions

Even though my task of asking key questions continues until today, (Dios Mio it never ends!) we have answered many of those original questions and conclude that there is no better place to call home than Kendall! I love Kendall, more today than I ever have. And as for the growth and quantity of people living here, I hate to say this but you haven’t seen anything yet! Our A+ Elementary schools alone will bring families from all over South Florida to our pearly gates and bid up our property values!

As we passed our second year with in March of 2020. I feel closer to the pulse of the people of Kendall than ever before. Early on we realized that the missing link in some of the questions we asked ourselves was actually staring us right in the face.

Identity Crisis for Kendall, Miami

The one clear stand out common denominator that served as my aha moment, is the lack of a KENDALL identity. Sort of like Doral has its own identity, Homestead, Pinecrest, etc. Without politicizing the “Kendall should be incorporated” theme I think that our non-incorporated status will serve us well.

Upon making the decision to embark on this journey, something whole-heartedly clicked the instant I made the decision to blog for Kendall. I did it for Kendall’s people, places, and businesses which have been undiscovered by too many people in Miami.

I don’t know why but I felt compelled to start a movement that would characterize the sentiment of the people and families along with the businesses in Kendall that pay taxes to the county and fund our commissioners for this clean and organized town. (don’t forget to vote, you’re a citizen!).

Who Lives In Kendall?

Sure, we all think we know who lives here, but do we really know? The truth is that we live next door to neighbors that often we don’t even know much about and we frequent places that we know little about. I envision a place where we know the owners of the businesses and their families alike.

Are there billionaires in Kendall?  Maybe, but most likely not!  If I were a billionaire, would I choose Kendall?

Are there a lot of low-income people in Kendall?  Are some of these low-income bearing families in dire need of financial assistance?  Maybe, but in most cases, I would not say that Kendall has a substantial amount of people with jobs that can afford to live here. Like anything, I may be wrong.

If you agree or disagree and would like to add something to this, let’s continue the conversation in the comments below which are linked to   

Building a Community

The idea is to allow the people of Kendall have a chance to describe what they believe would be the best fitting statements of WHO KENDALL IS. 

Furthermore, from a non-judgmental point of view, Kendall is a town, a suburb, area of unincorporated Dade-County and we are not envisioned to amount to nothing special.  What I have come to learn and appreciate is that there are many special people here in Kendall.  Especially immigrants from other states looking to run from the snowy winters as well as Latinos from Central and South America looking for an opportunity to break free from the limitations of opportunity offered in their country of origin.

We are business owners and Doctors, Teachers, Artists, Managers, Accountants, Pet Groomers, Dog Walkers and more!

Friends of

Among many, we have several friends that contribute to our platform and provide excellent services in Kendall. Please visit the websites of our friends, sponsors or contributors: Elite Auto Repairs, Village Spa Pools, MacKids Kendall, My Gym Kendall, Aerial Recon Media, DulkreUSA, Kendall Partnerships Media Agency, Love Hope Movement, Coastal Shutters Miami, SaraLinaTV,

 In retrospect, I announce Kendall as the official professionals melting pot of South Florida filled with a mixture of anything and everything from vibrant cultures to dull and boring uneventful people, lol.   

I announce Kendall as the official melting pot of South Florida
Not to mention, in Kendall we have little but some “Snowbirds” that fly down from Northern states to enjoy the sunshine in the harsh winter.  We are also joined by  immigrants from South America, Europe, Central America and the Caribbean Islands.  What is left here in the suburbs from this constellation of cultures is a backbone of hardworking people that are being taken advantage of by the corporate greed mongers holding hostage positions of hard labor and disgusting bathroom cleaning for pennies.  Am I complaining?  No, this is the meaning of capitalism.  

This doesn’t take away from my main and only point which is the people of Kendall are the beating heart of the town.

The people of Kendall are the beating heart of the town

We can be snappy, we can seem self-centered (Especially when driving)  but most importantly we are happy people.  Catch us at Flanigan’s on a Friday evening for happy hour and you’ll see what I mean.  Not to say that Flanigan’s is the only place in town to find happy Kendall folk but by golly gee!  that’s a darn good start, you feel me? is a hyperlocal blog that is here to communicate the important messages to our visitors, to reveal to the rest of this town the stories and businesses that go unnoticed.

Are there any Popular Bloggers in Kendall, FL

Did you know that blogging wasn’t a thing until 2014?  Blogging was taken seriously when the national media couldn’t participate on a local level in the way they wanted, so they solved that problem by covering fictional, scripted and exaggerated “Local” stories.  

In today’s digital online platforms you have social media but the art of the writer and their personal and lifestyle blogs can not go unnoticed. Through we are looking to increase the popularity of blogging by giving writers the opportunity to express themselves online. We are always looking for contributors with something important to say or feature so make sure you let us know if you are interested.