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Lice Troopers - Kendall
Lice Troopers - Kendall

Lice Treatment Clinic

WE GET TROUBLES OFF YOUR HEAD Lice Troopers is the professional hair lice removal service provider offering all-natural and guaranteed treatment of lice issues. While we have the most equipped hair salon to ensure proper removal of lice, we also offer the convenience of head lice removal at home. Founded by a team of experts with medical certification and proper understanding of the issue, Lice Troopers ensures complete eradication of these pesky, blood sucking parasites.

Our professional services are all-natural and guaranteed effective with just one easy treatment. We proudly offer two ways to end the lice problem once and for all come to our clinic or schedule a house call and have us come to you. We even provide home lice removal services to guarantee your home is completely lice free.