Señor Pan Café Kendall

Señor Pan Café, Established in Chicago, Illinois in 2007 as a sandwich shop, have been making Cuban Sandwiches and delighting customers with our food and culture, giving them a taste of our family tradition.

We are pleased to present our Cuban Cafe. Cuban food is both diverse and simple. Every corner of Cuba offers a vast array of culinary delights and has been influenced by many different cultures, including Mediterranean, African, and Spanish.

The name Señor Pan alludes to a common Cuban saying, meaning that whenever a sandwich is good, they would say it was a “Señor Pan”. When we decided to name the Restaurant “Señor Pan Café”, we were also looking for a unique symbol that identifies our language and our culture, so we used the letter Ñ as that symbol.
Opening Hours:

Monday to Saturday
08:00 am
09:00 pm
10:00 am
08:00 pm

11238 SW 137th Ave, Miami, FL 33186, Estados Unidos
Miami, Florida

+1 (305)-677-2177