Ms. Florence Martin

Hello! My name is Flo, and although I’m not a native of Kendall, I’ve been in this area since 2001 and I couldn’t ask for a better vicinity to reside in for myself and my family.  

I moved here with my husband, of almost 20 years, via San Francisco, California. However, I’m a native New Yorker, born and raised in the Bronx. So you can say I’ve had my fair share of metropolitan living.   I’m a mom to three handsome and smart boys, ages 11 (yes twins) and 10. I work at an amazing educational institution, in the heart of Kendall, as a first-grade teacher where I get to inspire and challenge little minds on a daily basis.   

Life can get hectic, but overall I’m living my best life and doing my best to raise independent, thoughtful, kind men at home; all the while creating a classroom environment where children feel loved and supported outside of their own homes.  I’m here to share vignettes of a life that revolves around children.

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