Flexitarian Cuisine in Kendall! PS GREEN Stands the Test of Time


What does a flexitarian cuisine consist of? If you’re thinking a large portion of leafy greens or just one giant stem of broccoli, you are only partially correct.

While I personally have been vegetarian for about 3 years now, I’d like to say I still run into roadblocks when looking at non-vegan, non-vegetarian (non-friendly) restaurant menus.

“Oatmeal Pancakes” and “Tofu Scramble” That Your Kids Will Absolutely Love

In The Crossings, Kendall, a ‘flexitarian’ restaurant called PS Green opened up a couple of years ago. I have had both breakfast and lunch there.

The first time I ate there was when they originally opened and I decided on some oatmeal pancakes, and their Tofu Scramble.

Let me tell you, that was one of the yummiest “egg” scrambles I have eaten.

Icing on the… Burger!

Photo Credit: Oliver Solorzano for Solorzano

More recently I had their House Veggie Burger for lunch. It comes with lettuce, grilled onion, tomato and the patty consists of black bean, quinoa, and mushroom.

And their vegan dressing (OMG), is made out of carrot! It still had that cheesy taste and yellow coloring we are all familiar with, so don’t think ‘eww carrot’.

It’s actually the icing on the cake, or well…the burger. I personally hold the Impossible Burger near and dear to my veg heart but this burger comes so close to it, and close to home!

The price is right and the location is right too!

Kid Friendly, Wallet Friendly and Flexitarian Cuisine  Friendly

The restaurant is quaint, has friendly staff, and also has an area for kids to play around. Pretty much an A+ all around! I recommend PS Green to vegetarians,

vegans, or as they like to say “flexitarians”. There really is something for everyone to eat and leave with their stomachs full, without breaking the bank.

Check it out for yourself, let them know who sent you and let us know in the comments what your favorite dish is at PS Green!

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