Lee Luna

Hello Kendall!  My name is Lee Luna.  My family made Kendall his home after relocating from New York in 1987.  I am a product of our local parks, always playing organized sports and making lifelong friends in the process.

My dad was my coach all the way through high school, instilling a love for baseball and a focus on personal development.  Through my love for sports, I learned about dedication, drive and the importance of a positive attitude.

Using these same principles, my dad and I have been building our family business together for over 20 years. My focus is on providing financial education to the community and ensuring people have all the tools to make informed decisions to secure their financial futures. In my spare time, I like to support local businesses and visit local restaurants in and around Kendall.

I have a passion for serving the community and spend a lot of time speaking to kids about entrepreneurship and personal finance.  Just like I had so many invest in me during my youth, I want to make sure that I am paying it forward and sharing many of the lessons learned through business and team sports with the next generation.

Contributing to this blog, I hope to continue to serve the community, sharing tips and ideas to help Kendall families keep their financial house in order.

Please feel free to connect with me through social media FB or IG for casually or to talk about a local business that may need exposure here. To read more of my blog posts on WeAreKendall.com click here.