Hi all! My name is Lili. I am a full-time working mommy of three awesome young girls, Olivia (9), Lorena (7), and Aria (a sweet premie who just turned one!). I am still working on finding that sweet spot of balance in life. I grew up in Kendall and left the zip code for a few years living la vida loca closer to the city, but family life brought me back. I am also an avid marathon runner (PR: 3:37:10) and a fitness and health enthusiast, but I love my Starbucks lattes and I eat the yolk in ALL my eggs! I have advanced degrees and certifications in exercise and sports science, and my decade long career in higher education management brings with it valuable insight on what makes for a #collegelife or #adultlife ready “kid”.

My goal in this column is to bring you tips and tricks in all things mothering, research based fitness content, and maybe a few healthy recipes your kids will actually eat. We are on the daily grind, raising healthy, happy adults (not kids) – which is the approach I take with my mommy-ing. I am a no-nonsense momma with the #familyfirst mantra, but have absolutely no judgement here.

You may find some humor in my posts, and a bit of sarcasm (a talent my husband and I have accidentally instilled in our kids). If I can provide a little motivation for your next workout, or give you a few new ideas to keep your kids busy (and quiet) while you enjoy that cup of coffee while it’s still hot, then it will make my late nights writing this blog totally worth it! Thanks for joining this community and let us keep our minds and hearts open in this crazy, joyful thing we call life.