A ‘Gorditas’ Mexican Tradition in Kendall [Don’t Miss Out]

Beef Tinga Gordita
Photo Credit: Oliver Solorzano for Solorzano Partners Creative Media

Written by Lee Luna

Gorditas: Kendall Kitchen with Mexican Food!

Ever wanted to know what it’s like eating real traditional Mexican Food like grandma and mama used to do it? Look nowhere else than West Kendall, where you will find our neighbors and friends Javier Gordo and his business partner Angelica Perez.  

They have teamed up and aligned themselves with a great other selection of Mexican spots throughout Kendall to continue the ongoing demand of Authentic Mexican food. Gorditas is a hidden gem in West Kendall right off 167th Avenue and Kendall Drive. Offering authentic Mexican cuisine, in a cool location with wall art by Miami-based renown artist Abstrak.

I was able to sit down with one of the partners of Gorditas, Angelica “Angie” Perez, a Kendall resident and proud mother of two daughters to learn more about the Mexican community’s traditional meals served.  

Authentic & Traditional – Simply Mexican Cuisine

Originally from Mexico, Angie noticed that Miami had plenty of Mexican food spots, but none offered traditional and authentic home-style eats. Angie said, “its either Tex Mex or Mexican-American food, but not the traditional fare. At Gorditas, we have a little bit of everything – from our traditional tacos to special recipes from my mother and grandmother.”

Tacos: Adobo chicken, Pastor (pork), Suadero (steak)
Photo Credit: Oliver Solorzano for Solorzano Partners Creative Media

So, how did Gorditas get to Kendall? “Cooking wasn’t something that I was really into growing up,” shared Angie, “but watching my grandmother is how I learned. When the age of 14 or 15 years old came, I wanted to start cooking something that was similar to the family dishes, and that is when I really started paying attention to how it was done.”  

Love is Shared Through Food

Love is shared through food, generation to generation.  The reality is that traditions end up getting passed down to the next generation, and now Angie’s daughters are learning the family recipes too. All the while, Angie and her girls are mentored in the kitchen by grandma.

Elotes (Mexican Street Corn)
Photo Credit: Oliver Solorzano for Solorzano Partners Creative Media

Gorditas has been in business for approximately two years and people love it. Not sure what to order? No problem.  I asked Angie what are the top three dishes at Gorditas, and the top 3 are: Elotes (Mexican street corn on the cob), Enchiladas, and Gorditas are among fan favorites.

The Business Perspective

I was curious to know, from a business perspective, if Angie had any advice for people wanting to break into the restaurant business in Kendall.  Her advice: “Everything demands effort. There are low points, but everything you decide to do you can do. Don’t believe that because it’s not going well now, that it will be like that forever.”

Javier Gordo and Angelica Perez
Photo Credit Oliver Solorzano for Solorzano Partners Creative Media

Although she says she never thought she could do it, Gorditas is definitely a Kendall success story. We will keep you tuned into any other spots in Kendall that we believe deserve to be mentioned. Whether you are in the area on the way home, heading down south via Chrome Avenue, or by the West Kendall Baptist Hospital, See you at Gorditas!

They can be found at http://gorditasmexicankitchen.com/

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