A Kendall Partnerships Collaboration With Gelateria Don Luccas

Please visit our website for additional content and local businesses in Kendall: olivers56.sg-host.com From time to time, we feel the need to review certain businesses that we believe our community will enjoy. The ice cream industry seems to be a favorite, so we introduce you to one of our favorite Ice Cream Shops/Gelateria’s in West Kendall, Miami.

Don Luccas is an amazingly tasteful Gelateria in West Kendall that was inspired by a trip to Florence, Italy.

In Kendall, we currently have only a few Gelateria’s but this seems to be a growing segment within the ice cream industry. After visiting Don Luccas, we are very happy about this new local trend. Some of their most tasteful flavors include Chiny Mamey, Mango Manolo, Ferrero Rocher, Mantecado, Stracciatella (vanilla with chocolate swirls) Guava, Chocokoko, Black Cherry, Don Luccas, and Dulce de Leche just to name a few.

When you go to Don Luccas Gelateria, be sure to mention olivers56.sg-host.com so that we can keep on impacting businesses as well as impacting more people just like you with new and exciting hidden gems in Kendall, Miami.

Thank you!