Oliver Solorzano (Head Blogger)

Hi Kendall! I am a father of three beautiful girls, husband to my best friend and the creative director and head blogger of WeAreKendall.com It is with great pleasure that I honor and serve this growing Kendall community. I write to inspire some, motivate others and at the end of every day provide an abundance of resources to people all across this area of South West Miami wheather they know it comes from me or not.   

  A couple of things about me that I would like to share is that I am a relationship type of person. I do what I say and say what I will do to make sure we have the same understanding. I am an avid coffee drinker but not in the realm of a Cuban. That is to be respected, my blood pressure can not handle more than one shot of Colada per day. lol.

I grind my own beans because I can’t stand the taste of stale brew, but then again, I love drinking the day’s old pot with strong, flat, & cold (sometimes iced) coffee or tea.  You go figure! Like Arthur Williams says “Life is full of contradictions!” and I believe that to be true.

I am also a vinyl collector and enthusiast. I love entertaining guests at our home while selecting and playing records that will set the mood for welcoming conversation and pleasurable experience for everyone.  Something about having full control of the sound and the crackling noise that bares witness to the prestigious analog process. Yummy!

When I am not writing, editing or researching a piece for this blog, I am thinking about ways to provide value to the community as well as thinking of ways to monetize the blog in order to pay the contributors that create the content for this web space. Without them, we would be nothing. Please support and comment on posts in order to let us know what you like, or not like with regard with what you read.