August 5, 2019: Oliver’s Journal #2

Kendall my Town and my Future

Dimelo Mi Gente!, 

Hope you had a great weekend. We sure did. This weekend was all about family. Like most weekends, we spend time with the kids to make lasting memories. Even though I had a ton of business lined up to take care of, I was unsuccessful at most, however, I was still able to get quality social media posts in for a couple of clients.  

The weather sucked, but we still managed to go Kayaking at Oleta River State Park with Olivia and Lorena while the tiny one enjoyed some QOL with grandmas in Aventura.

Family First, Always

One thing that makes me who I am today is that experience has taught me how to choose family over work-related items.  If it were up to my ego, work would have the best of me all the damn time. Sometimes in the afternoon, after the girls make it home, it takes additional effort to consciously force myself to stay away from the computer or phone. Family is always first in this house.

Some may say that as an entrepreneur with a new business in hand, this tactic will never work but at this point in my life, I am willing to take that chance. So we will have to wait and see. #Kendallpreneur

The “We Are Kendall” Performers Showcase

This weekend we debuted my plans to start the #WeareKendallShowcase Series. Big shout to all the people that provided support by tagging a talented someone on the @wearekendall IG post and referring them for the Showcase. #Muchrespect 

It is stunning to me to all of a sudden hear about all these Kenall area artists that we never knew existed. If we held the showcase tomorrow with these artists alone, we would probably make history!  But no worries, our doors will be open for a couple of months to receiving more referrals of developing performers in and around Kendall. Artists, dancers, musicians, performers welcome. #letsgooo

Hosting a performers showcase series is not new to me. My partner Tony Molina and I ran a showcase series for three years in NYC. Meet The Block my first Podcast (Circa 2007) when podcasting was only a couple years old was also a great hit in NYC, in the huge independent artist scene.

As you can see, it’s not my first Rodeo, however, I feel amazingly inspired by the vision to bring something musically great to Kendall. Nothing more and nothing less than an opportunity for developing artists to perform locally and supporting them in building a local following.  

I am immersing myself as a full-time blogger on Mainly because there are a lot of interesting things happening in my life with this endeavor and we believe we need to document it. 

Contributors in Kendall or From Kendall Wanted

We are still working with contributors in various subjects so if you or anyone you know is interested in contributing regarding something they are passionate about, please let them know to contact me. I am forever grateful to each and everyone who has ever written anything for WeAreKendall. With life happening and families having more needs, it is difficult to stay consistent with very little immediate ROI.

All we have to offer is a platform for writers to continue to entertain and enlighten our audience in Kendall. This is all that I hope we do.    

I am still torn between blogging as a writer or a vlogger. These are the little decisions that take on a more than necessary questions in my mind.  Let me know what you like best as I make both mediums available in future posts.

The thing with vlogging is that I procrastinate too damn much in my edits so that is why I think I will write more frequently for now.  With no visual, simply all mental gives me more freedom with the choice of words and less control of personal interpretation. Anyway…     

A Star is Born with Lady Gaga and Bradly Cooper

Lili and I watched a movie last night. It was her choice: “A Star Is Born”. With Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga amongst other great actors and actresses in the cast. What a movie. If you have not already watched it, go for it. Especially if you are an up and coming artist. Very inspiring. I take my hat off to everyone involved in making this movie.

That is it for now. I am writing this at 12:42 AM. Can’t wait to see what Monday brings in!

Cheers for now everyone.

Thank you for reading.

Oliver Solorzano

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