A Kendall Runner’s Perspective: Stop Sabotaging my Active Lifestyle!

Photo by John Cameron

A Reflection into my Pre-running Days

Written by: Javier Salmon Content Editor: Oliver Solorzano

Okay, my friends, on my first post: Running Full Marathons at 60 is not Child’s Play, but it Depends on Who You Ask, I gave you a glimpse of my personal training experience as an active runner. Even though my race expectations were not met, I met with, above all, character and friendship. Now, a part of me wants to share with you, “A Reflection into my Pre-running Days.”

Doing this Changed my Life Forever

On this post, I want to focus on a situation that changed my life forever by paying attention and learning from those around me that love me the most: My family. There is value to all experiences, but this one, in particular, is ripe for spreading to my people in Kendall. Both, as an evolving person and as a thankful parent to my daughters, I share with you my beginnings to my current fruitful and active lifestyle.

When one talks to others that are not in our circle of friends we tend to gravitate to talking about running. It is what moves us. We find any reason to jump right in, just to see if they share similar lifestyles. But sometimes the reaction you get from that person is like if you are exposing the third eye in the middle of your forehead. You are perceived as something out of a sci-fi story or somewhat like a cyclops utopian character.

The moment you begin to describe what you do to sustain your active lifestyle, by nature, you begin to speak about the outcome of your life now vs. the life you lived prior.

How Your Personal Achievement Becomes a Target for Disbelief

This does not bode well with some folk.  Your personal achievement becomes their target for disbelief. Mainly due to their discipline, or lack thereof.  I apologize to all for the critique, and any insult this may bare, I mean no disrespect, but it is really difficult to stop talking about running once you get going!

There, I said it. Plus, I don’t see anything wrong with that, do you? I meant it when I mentioned, “A Kendall Runner’s Perspective.”

The most interesting part is that usually within about 30 seconds into the conversation, it is almost predictable that whoever you are having a conversation with, will start to make advances at subconscious sabotage (put down) or discredit what you are doing. I am not sure if this happens to anyone else out there, but since it is my experience and I have your ear, let me continue my rant (comment below if you understand me).

Some feel stunningly intimidated by what you are doing, therefore the predictable “I don’t have the time” ensues, followed by all the reasons in the world they would give themselves, as to why what you said is either bad for them or not credible (oh, my knees).

Because of their lifestyle, they cannot conceive doing what you are doing so, they continue to justify, and proceed to think, it is not for them.  

Moment of Truth

Ladies and Gents, friends and family, would you be interested in knowing why I know the above is true? Because, I was that person (sigh).

Being an active parent brings you extraordinary lessons of life that otherwise can’t be taught in a classroom, a boardroom, or in the Everglades during a family adventure.   

When I witnessed my daughters start their active training, I witnessed their change in energy.  They were more vibrant, and yes, more fun to be around, even as young adults.

Witnessing all of this, I still did not feel the internal want to be a part of all of that training. After all, I lived happily, I thought, and so, without any of this active lifestyle business. Why did I need it now? Why go through all of that sacrifice?!

“A River Cuts Through Rock, Not Because of its Power, but Because of its Persistence”

Like the saying says:  “A river cuts through rock, not because of its power, but because of its persistence” I got into it because of my harem! Little by little, they were able to get me to “find” the time. Somehow it was there all along; it just took their persistence for me to find it!

My life since has changed 180 degrees in the right direction. I know what you are thinking, I DON’T HAVE THE TIME! Nobody has spare time, especially if you have little ones at home, along with one or two full-time jobs, the soccer or dance practice trips, etc. I get it, so please spare me the excuses and follow me on this one.

Living in Miami, dealing with the to and fro, “assembling” a living is a difficult task to maintain on its own, to say the least.

Photo by Luke Miller

Time is the Only Thing in our Lives that Moves Forward to Never Return

You probably have read, or watched ten, twenty, or maybe thirty dissertations (all true) of time being the greatest commodity in our lives. Time is the only thing in our lives that moves in the forward direction to never ever return.

We repeat things like “I don’t have the time to do this and do that!” “I am so tired right now, maybe later.”  I know that you are tired. I know that you had a difficult day at work. I know that sometimes it is too hot out there. But these are exactly all the reasons to create an active lifestyle: To recharge your body and add more capacity to your reserves.

When you start creating energy via an active lifestyle, your body learns to endure more. Therefore, a hard and difficult day of work no longer exhausts all of your fumes.

Benefits to Living an Active Lifestyle

Family and friends, I am not a doctor, or a therapist, or certified to speak on behalf of this subject matter as an expert, but let me outline some of the benefits: Better sleeping, better organizing (since you are now making time for YOU), better performance, better blood pressure, efficient heartbeat, stronger joints, hips, and knees … I think you get the idea (wink, wink).

This is a broad stroke of the benefits of being active, and by the way, it does not have to be active via running! If running is your thing, welcome that. But the point is about being active and consistently breaking a sweat, increasing your heart rate through controlled exercise, moving your body, allowing your thoughts to drift while you are outdoors taking it all in, and evaluating…

HOW… (Shameless plug, set up for future post!)

Friends, it is called discipline – Control gained by enforcing obedience or order. Orderly or prescribed conduct or pattern. Self Control.

In other words, learn to enjoy you!  Because your body needs more activity and deserves the attention.

Any dream, any goal is worth the fight, and it is always worth the time invested. Without investment, you cannot have a goal.  It would then be called a fantasy.

My “Y”

I have read that some sickness comes by invitation when you don’t have the health to fight it off. Here is my “Y” of why I am active: I am active because I am worthy and I have so much to give, teach and love; but SO-DO-YOU!

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