Tatiana Solorzano

Every day is a fashion show and the world is the runway.  
-Coco Chanel

As a working mom, wife to an entrepreneur husband, and professional,  I have learned that we can express ourselves in endless ways. Our inner motivation to capture identity where the internal meets the outside world.  

The clothes we wear can exemplify this best.   However, I realized fashion trends havent been my only influence.  College, marriage, age, jobs, having 2 kids all played a vivid part of bringing continuous changes.  For me, it’s not just a seasonal thing, these days everything inspires my fashion. No limits is my modo.  The exciting yet challenging part is trying out something new.

All together, I have worked in retail my entire life. Every aspect from concept to point of sale, it is now in my DNA.  My goal is to bring these new and exciting trends along with a dab of inspiration to your runway as well as a few fun fashion tid bits I have learned along the way.  At age 15, I moved to Kendall. It took a while to embrace it, but now there is nothing getting me out of here. We have it all, as they say. Even fabulous places to shop that we can continue to explore together.