A Kendall Teacher Tells her Truth about ‘Summer Vacation’

Summer Time: Working From Home?

Written by Florence Martin

Inquiring minds want to know what a teacher with 10 weeks off does in the summer. Well, let me enlighten you, personally the first few weeks off of school for me consists of not knowing what to do with myself. Therefore, I spend most of my mornings on the computer, coffee in hand, going through the pacing guide (curriculum) for the following school year, planning and prepping. Hence, my Planbook (online lesson plan) is set up for the upcoming year, my PowerPoint for next school year’s orientation is ready to go, and Teachers Pay Teachers (an online teacher resource) has given me a bang for my buck with cutesy downloads. I also get A LOT of housework done, i.e. cleaning out closets, going through toys, etc. It’s the ultimate Spring cleaning!

Professional Growth is a Must

Just like many schools assign summer assignments to keep the students actively learning, well many teachers sign up for classes. I am currently registered for a professional gifted endorsement to add on to my educator’s certificate. It’s a week and a half long course, from 8am-4pm, at a local high school. This is done to grow as a teacher at the fast-paced rigorous school that Archimedean Academy is.

Shopping, Shopping, Shopping

Let’s not forget that when a teacher enters a classroom on that first day back to school, it is a blank slate. Provided with only student desks, chairs, and a few broken bookcases. All that you see when you enter Ms. Martin’s classroom for that “Meet and Greet” is a culmination of Goodwill finds, Dollar Tree deals, and the most current office supply store sales. Yes surprisingly, teachers have to buy their own supplies, decorations, and classroom furnishings, all done during the summertime.

Looking Back to Move Forward

As a teacher, summer is a time for reflection, learning, and growing. I tend to think of what I can do to better and improve on for the upcoming year and my future students. I always end the school year with a heavy heart, not knowing how I can love a new group of students in the upcoming school year. But it never fails…with each new school year and every student that enters my classroom, they leave an everlasting imprint on my heart. And it is in the summertime when you run into them the most! It can be at the oddest places like the waxing center in Town and Country or a more obvious place like Publix. When I hear that familiar phrase “Hi Ms. Martin,” I know it is an excited child delighted to see a friendly face.

Capture those special summer moments.

Let the Summer Fun Begin!

Summertime is the most precious time for a teacher with children of their own. During the school year, we share our hearts and love other people’s children. We advocate for them, inspire them, and educate them. However, for me, summertime is when I get to wholeheartedly give my attention to my three boys, who are not so little anymore. I love to curl up with them AND a good book. We read stories that foster conversations about humanity and civil rights. We get to stay up late and binge watch Netflix. Frequenting the local Dairy Queen or Carvel on Kendall Drive, visiting museums and local parks, going to the beach and poolside fun with good friends are just a few things I also enjoy doing with my three boys in the summer. Not too mention fun family vacations, and adulting with my hubby.

Overall, I am blessed to be a teacher that gets to take a “break” for the summer. However, know that even though we’re not in a classroom physically, our minds and hearts are always in teacher mode.

Happy summer!

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