The Beginning, a Kendall, Fl Story

Todays journal: August 2, 2019.


In order to be transparent, journaling has never been my thing. But if I am to start journaling, I might as well make it public.

Also to start an effort to continue to contribute more frequently to the hyperlocal blog that I started in March of this year.

I also write to let others coming up behind me know what I did in order to produce any given type of result which is not exactly known yet, but hey. That’s what the struggle is for, right?! If The results don’t impress you, don’t follow my foot steps!

Linkedin Community

I write this for everyone that provides tons of value to other know or unknown users. Their value and contributions are key to the development of our future economies. The true sales guys, mentors and educators interested in building a better future for our kids in this blessed and wonderful country, the USA.

The Reason you Wake Up and Work Towards your Future you.

Everyone that is on a path of success, whatever that may be, has something in common. Something that makes them tick. A phrase, a video, a vision, or a song. It doesn’t matter. What that does is that it reminds them of their “Y”. It motivates them to do the hard stuff that most people don’t want to do.

When you are an entrepreneur, these triggers vary dramatically. But as long as you have something that makes you tick daily, you can develop a solid foundation to organize yourself. No matter how unorganized you may feel you are.

My day to day’s excitement comes to me with the consistent efforts that I put towards my goals. I make these easy to achieve with minimal effort and maximum output.

I guarantee this by making sure that the one thing that is most important is accomplished.

Making Cold Calls Daily.

Doing What is Hard

The hardest yet most productive thing any human being involved in sales should and must do.  

It keeps me grounded and focused on who I am and how I will achieve my long term goals.  

After I have done this at a minimum, I ensure my day ads up to follow ups, meetings, appointments for video shoots, and posting for engagement with our audience.  

Feel free to follow our profiles on IG.  We would be thrilled to have you join our journey. 

Aerial Recon Media IG profile

WeareKendall IG profile

When and how to Control External Situations

All kind of situations come about throughout our day. It is the ones we CHOOSE to pay attention to that matter. As long as I have my calls made and efforts logged, everything else will find its way to the execution block. 

Current State of Affairs

In my current state of affairs, I am giving maximum effort to one of the most crucial parts of getting going. The crucial point to find, recruit, and develop revenue generating relationships. I focus on my strengths which are based on providing value first, second and third.  

Providing a solid experience with our company at Aerial Recon Media is of most importance.  Many things play out here which must be planned for carefully and executed naturally. Customer service, customer service and additionally, customer service.  

Being polite, yet aggressive. 

Being straight forward yet kind. 

How I Develop Long Lasting Friendships and Business Relationships

Demonstrating to clients with actions not words that you have their best interest at heart.  Basically doing what I say I am going to do. Every time. 

Aerial Recon Media – My Latest Project and Joint Venture

This is my basic strategy to accelerate business development for Aerial Recon Media Productions, a joint venture – partnership with my buddy James Fernandez.  

We offer video production and photography including professional and licensed FAA drone piloting for gorgeous footage of our South Florida landscapes to cover all aspects of a clients needs.  

We look forward to serving our clients of South Florida!   

Oliver Solorzano 

Aerial Recon Media Productions Business Development