Lessons of a Kendall Teacher and Mom: Consistency Develops Learning Both in and out of the Classroom

Developing Consistency in and out of the Classroom

According to dictionary.com the word consistent is acting or done in the same way over time. As parents, we hear this word a lot. Furthermore, as a teacher, I hear this word a lot.

Many of the things I’ve learned throughout my teaching career has transferred into my parenting and vice versa. And being consistent is one of them.

What does it mean to be consistent?

As a Parent

Well in my household my kids have always followed a consistent bedtime schedule. We’re at a point in our house where they know “the routine.” I mean at the ages 10 and 11 it’s a no brainer, right? They know it, but are they independent enough to do it on their own? Not quite…I still find myself every single day telling them to brush their teeth, take a bath, go to bed, put the dirty clothes in the basket, etc.

I feel like a broken record at times. I don’t know if it’s a boy thing, pre-tween thing or what, but I do know that consistency is key. So, I will continue to “remind” them day in and day out to take care of their personal hygiene until the day comes when they can remember to do it themselves. Hopefully, that day comes soon.

As a Teacher

As a teacher, the same concept applies to my classroom. On my last evaluation, it was stated that the “Classroom was inviting and welcoming. Students were working in groups and comfortable with routines.” And we all know that routines are based on consistency.

Now do I have those students that still need the daily reminder to follow directions, of course, I do! However, according to my principal, I am doing something right.

Building Independent Children

So it doesn’t matter whether I am at home or in school, I know that in order to build independent children it takes lots of consistency, which may include daily reminders and prompting, hoping that something eventually sticks.

In my next post, I will share some of those small victories, the things that my kids are finally independent at doing.

Written by Ms. Florence Martin

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