Feel Confident, Be Confident, Be Bold, Kendall [Why Not?]

Being bold requires some risk

Written by: Tatiana Solorzano

An eruption of color for summer.  Bright bold colors are scary to many people, including me, but once you find the right shade(s) there are endless possibilities.  

We Dress How we Feel

Every morning we stare at our closet and pull an outfit that reflects or sets your mood. Color can be that one outfit that makes you feel beautiful. Have patience and don’t give up, find your shade!

A Top Might Not Always be the Right Start 

It is sometimes easier to start with a bold bottom.  Tops are close to our face and we are quick to judge and be taken back.  Keep your top solid, and simple for starters.

We all love our jeans or have a fit we love; be sure to start there!  Shop for your favorite pants, but try on the color or print you would normally walk right by. Head to any of our malls in Kendall.

White, Black, Monochromatic

 If you are not sure what to pair a color with, there is always white for day and black for night.   Another way is to keep it monochromatic. Do bright bold on the bottom, with a lighter more pastel shade on top.  As you get more comfortable with your favorite shades, you will begin to mix and match.

Take a Chance by Starting Small  

Accessories are a great way to start!  A green purse, pink and orange scarf, cobalt blue earrings, neon shoes, RED LIPSTICK!  The probability that you will use is much higher and you haven’t spent a lot of money!  Head over to Forever 21, Last Call, or local Kendall boutiques where they will help you pair and accessorize your wardrobe.  If not, Ulta on Kendall drive has an array of cosmetics that you can try. Head over to DSW and look for the shoe you like but thought you would never buy.  Try it on!

A Swimsuit is your Answer

There is no safer way to put on color than on the beach or by the pool.  If you haven’t dressed in color, swimwear is the perfect opportunity to find your shade.  Target has an array of swimwear in so many colors, and they won’t break the bank.

Practice Makes Perfect

Fitting rooms are your best friends. Take several colorful pieces with you. Sometimes just a quick look in the mirror can boost your confidence, be BOLD!

Fun Fact: 2019 Pantone Color of the Year is Living Coral! This beautiful shade has inspired designers who have incorporated it in all of their collections! Try it! It’s very Kendall, every day!

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