Fab Summer Swimwear Tips for 2019 [What’s In, What’s Out]

Written by Tatiana Solorzano

The best part of swimwear this summer is no matter your age, any swimsuit trend will suit your body! Wear it like you own it and don’t let anybody tell you otherwise.  

Swimsuit Styles and Smiles

This summer, one piece bathing suits are not only for your mom anymore. Everyone can wear them!

Body Contouring [High Waist/High Cut Leg]

Bold styling, cut-outs and body contouring (high waist/high cut leg), along with deeper v-necks will help shape your body.  Think Pamela Anderson or Jane Fonda (look them up if you are not from the ’80s). These intentional cutouts can make you look like you have long legs and torso, you can thank me later!    

Any combination will refresh your look.  We can all feel beautiful in a one-piece again.

Photo Credit Keli Santos

2 Piece Bathing Mix-ups Are In, Tiny Triangle Bikini’s [Not so Much]

Mix up the 2 piece bathing suits. No more tiny triangle bikini, although they still fit right this summer, we tweak it with the high waisted/high leg cut bottom.  It can be as risqué as you want, leg cut as high as you dare to go; string or full body high cut leg. It’s not only flattering but comfortable!

Pair these bottoms with just about any kind of plain colored or trimmed patterned top:  Ruffles, eyelet, lace up or extra long ties (crisscrossing in the front below the bust). These bathing suit tops are so cute some tops can even be worn out as an outfit pre or post the beach, pool party or to brunch!   

What’s Out, What’s In This Summer

Simple triangle tops are out, side shoulder, lace up, strapless is in.  If you prefer a plain top, underwire bikini tops are back! For many that prefer the support or just like the look, this trend will be perfect.

Rashguards – For Looking Hot With Protection

Who said rashguards are only for kids?  Not this summer. If you’re a Sun bum or just want to look hot with a little more protection, this trend is for you.  Sports rash guard long sleeve one-piece suits or just long sleeve tops are also a go to. Once mainly worn by surfers, in bold color-block colors, are now mainstream. Great for anyone looking to cover up a little more and enjoy the sun all day.

Look for textures, prints, and patterns, fabrics with a twist. If you like prints go with polka dots, stripes, paisley, and animal prints (yes they live on).

Photo Credit by Pixabay

Check out Dadeland for all of the new trends. For example, Zara has a new swimsuit line for suits under $70. Many local boutiques like ALX couture carry swimwear or check out The Palms where The Rack and Forever 21 will have plenty to choose from.

Dive into summer looking fab!


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