7 Returning Trends That Will Keep You Looking Fab this Summer!

7 Returning Trends That Will Keep You Looking Fab this Summer!
Elevated Crochet Lace & Trimmings
Photo Credit: Jacalyn Beales @unsplash

Who’s ready for SUMMER!

Who said you need a new wardrobe? Most of today’s trends are fabrics, colors, and patterns that have been recycled from the ’80s. Many items can be found in your closet to help pair for great Summer outfits, especially if you have things that go way back!  Although easy to find in a Kendall store near you, thrift stores carry amazing pieces sometimes! In this post, I hope to help you discover these 7 returning trends that will Keep you looking fab this Summer.

Look for These Must-Haves:

1. Biker Shorts

Not so flattering till you pair it with a blazer that covers it all up! Cinch a belt over it, throw cute shoes on and ready for brunch at The Palms at Town and Country…

2. Puffy Shoulders

Shoulder pads! Yes, they are back… Blazers with big shoulders, giving you the boxy masculine gangster suit feel. Single or double breasted. Thrift shops have tons!

3. Neon and Color Blocking Pieces

Nothing says summer more than loud and bold. That’s exactly what neon brings. One piece or accessories to brighten up our catwalk.

4. Tie Dye

Pull your closet apart, it’s in there. It’s no longer the PJ go to the top, you can wear it out!

5. Carry Over from Last Season Alert!!

It’s all still about prints, we all have that one animal print piece we don’t know when or where to wear it. Now is the time.

  • Leopard prints: Whether it’s a romper or a pair of pants, that is all you will need all summer. You can mix and match with anything or with any color, it goes! Even neon!
  • Tartan print in bold colors: Check your grandparent’s closets for this one.

6. Elevated Crochet, Lace & Trimmings (Feathers and Fringe)

Whether it’s a touch of it or from head to toe, you can’t go wrong… Liberace would be in heaven this summer and fitting right in.

7. Acid Wash Denim

Bold construction, oversized denim. Jeans, dresses, skirts, jackets, in beautiful skews of acid and pale blues, greys. Old pair of jeans and bleach!!! Take a pair of old jeans, soak in bleach overnight, cut the hems and you are on trend!

Written by: Tatiana Solorzano

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