Why 8th Grade Basketball Luminary Emily Montes is a Future Kendall Star and What We Could Do to Develop More Talent

Written By: Oliver Solorzano

“My goal is to play basketball at the highest level possible. I know there is plenty of talent out there, so I will continue to develop my game to be the best version of myself.”

A Kendall B-ball Star in the Making

Emily Montes, a Kendall native, is talented beyond any reasonable doubt. Although her passion and discipline has proved to be effortful thus far, her winnings and accolades are starting to pile up.

Let me be clear. This post is not about any ordinary female basketball player in the 8th grade. Furthermore, it is about her story of playing high school varsity ball since the 6th grade and contributing to the team’s victory this year at Regional Semifinals 2018-2019. The qualities she has shown since the 6th grade alone are impressive but currently, her grit goes far beyond an 8th grade level.

Committing to Excellence First

By reading her recruiting profile (yes, she has a recruiting profile on NCSA website) she has the brilliance to focus on what really matters: Schoolwork. Inadvertently, by posting this article and shining a light on her developing skills, we hope many young girls and boys reading this can feel inspired to take aim at the importance of her will to succeed, first as an educated person and then, as a committed athlete.

In her own words: “My goal is to play basketball at the highest level possible. I know there is plenty of talent out there, so I will continue to develop my game to be the best version of myself,” and then she goes on to say “basketball is a great tool to help me further my education. But truthfully, I would love to play for the ‘U’, and one day play in the WNBA, so I will hit the books and work on my game to get the best of both athletics and academics.” Ladies and gentlemen, parents and guardians of our youth, I think we can all agree that this is the winning attitude we all aspire our kids to have.

Thinking out the Play vs. Shooting for Points

Sometimes, being in the right place at the right time is more important than taking the shot. Putting the points on the scoreboard will come by addition. You make some, you miss most (at this stage of one athlete’s career), but Golly Gee Wilikers, let’s give Emily some #locallove.

Recent Achievements

Most recently, Palmer Trinity Falcons Girls Varsity brought the team all the way to the Regional Finals to a loss against Slam Charter School.  She is considered by coaches and recruiters alike, one of, if not the best point guard in her graduating class in the 8th grade. She is already gaining some notoriety in the inner circles of coaches and influencers.

Per her bio, coaches say that she “helped lead the Lady Jaguars of South Florida’s 7th-grade team to the USSSA National Championship. An explosive point guard with tremendous basketball skill (dribble, pass, shoot, IQ).”  

Other coaches say that “Emily is also a fierce competitor with a serious winning spirit.” She averaged a legit 19 PPG as a 7th grader on varsity last season.

Tony Perkins and Jacob Shaw Take Interest in Emily

On March 5th, 2019, Tony Perkins, Florida Gold Coast AAU Girls Basketball Sports Manager & Director of Scouting for the Florida Basketball Bulletin, and also a Florida Talent Evaluator, posted about Emily:

Jacob Shaw, ( IG @miamidadebb ) who gives exposure to Miami-Dade Basketball high school students also believes in Emily Montes.  She was voted on to the All Dade Girls Basketball 5th Team HERE

8th Grade Basketball Luminary All dade Girls Basketball Teams presented by Miami Dade BB

Reflecting as Parents and a Community

Beyond the normal qualifications of an athlete’s skill at such an early age, Emily’s story leaves us thinking of her rising success. Is it due to her inherent nature, or is it derived from the habits coaches, fathers, mothers, and caretakers instilled in her by either example or repetition?

If you are reading this, you may be a parent in Kendall and can use some of these examples to help you develop a child at home with a winning attitude. Maybe readers with a child psychology background and perspective can give us some insight to help with some additional gems for our children’s development.

Engage for Further Discussion and Tips

I would like to invite everyone to participate below in the comments section through your FB profile connection. Engage and comment on what your thoughts are.  Our hopes are to help more parents instill these fortified attributes to produce more Kendall superstars.

As Emily continues to excel and discover the future that lies ahead, she keeps her head down in the books to focus heavily on schoolwork, but realistically she feels her best when her head is up high, looking for the next play from back or front court, ready to make or take the pass for an open shot at the hole and seal the deal.  

8th grade basketball luminary, Emily’s career is starting to take shape. As her freshman year in high school comes closer to reality, we wish her and her teammates all the success in the world. If you get the opportunity to see her live, dribbling down-court and more excitingly, watching her knock down her infamous 3-point shots right in style into the net like butter, you will be nothing less than impressed.


Locally, we can start supporting her team Palmer Trinity Falcons, Varsity Women’s Basketball program HERE and follow Emily on her preferred Instagram account @emilymontes305


You can also check out Emily on this Youtube channel HERE

Emily Montes 8th Grade Highlight Video

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