3 Major Food Chains Investing in the Kendall Local Economy: WaWa, Aldi Food, and Lucky’s Market

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Wawa Gas Station major-national-chains-hit-kendall-wawa-aldis-luckys-market

What’s up with all the national stores opening up in Kendall? In this post, we highlight a few Healthy Chains Investing In Kendall. We believe investing in Kendall will benefit the local economy, as will the residents of this community. For additional information on Kendall’s report card, we visited bestplaces.net and found some gems and inspired us to write this post.

WaWa, Aldi’s Food, and Lucky’s Market, all national chains investing in Kendall are savvy bets by corporate visionaries that Kendall is thriving. The future looks bright and that may spell better business for small businesses. Not to mention the benefit to our property values.

Have you noticed the awesome new trend of healthy food chains and grocery stores migrating to Kendall? It’s awesome! Unlike pop-up trendy fusion cuisine restaurants, we think these guys are here to stay a while.

Three Major National Chains Hit Kendall

Add two food markets and one convenience store to the list and what do you get? A hat-trick! Even though two out of three are Aldi’s, Trader Joe’s is looking like they are getting closer to a location out west (my own intuition), and Lucky’s just landed a spot in Midtown Kendall (127th Ave and Kendall Drive). Whole Foods is as far west as they can make it for now, right off 104th Ave and US1.

How Healthy Chains Investing In Kendall Impact to our Community

This must be good for commercial real estate agents, developers, GC’s, and trade professionals in and around town, right? At least we hope so. In future posts, we will talk about the importance of local economy support and how that can make a significant difference to our ad valorem tax for schools and improve on general county maintenance.

If you notice any new store openings near you, feel free to send us a message to our suggestion box here.
So far we have seen the following major chains opening up:

Wawa Convenience and Gas Station

Wawa Gas Station:  137th and 120th Street:   (So exciting! ) #wawa

In case you did not know, the founder’s name is Grahame Wood and the headquarters are in, yep you guessed it, Wawa, PA. There is a place such as Wawa in Pennsylvania. Per Wikipedia, the population varies, since 1989 (the last time they counted) anywhere from 5 to 265 families! lol

We found some interesting pages on their website. For example their careers page looks helpful and forthcoming. Does anyone need a job? They are hiring for The Crossings location. We also noticed their promotions page. For those of us on the run looking for freebies and discounts for our morning commute or lovely ride back home.

New Aldi’s Food in The Crossings

Healthy Food Chains Aldi Kendall Rendering 120th Street and 137th Avenue
Photo Credit: Aldi’s Corporate

Aldi’s Food Market has a new and local location at 137th and 120th Street:  Right behind the new Wawa that is being built as I write this. Yes! 

On their website and marketing communications they claim:

“Great quality shouldn’t come at a high price; rather, great quality should come with every day low prices”

I think we can all agree that many of their items are very well priced. (wink) Hopefully, the healthy chains investing in Kendall will help drive prices down at our neighborhood markets, charging a premium on basic items such as milk, eggs, deli meat, and beer.

Aldi’s started out in Germany in 1961 as the Albrecht family grocery store. Since then, they have spread like wildfire all and around the United States. Although, an extraordinary number of stores opening most recently in South Florida have been in and around the Kendall area. Currently they have locations on 8th street and 122nd Ave., 167th Ave and Kendall Drive, 152nd Street and US1, 196th street and US1 (Homestead area).

#aldisKendall Check out their website www.aldi.us or check out their blog www.blog.aldi.us which seems to be updated once per month with yummy holiday-specific recipes that will brighten up your pallet. Also, check out their beer and wine selection. The pricing is insane and the spirits are way good! For the latest coupons and deals for the Kendall Store click here

Lucky's Market Kendall, FL 
Healthy Food Chains 
Kendall Drive and 127th Avenue
Photo Credit: Lucky’s Market

Lucky’s Food Market

The new Lucky’s Food Market will be conveniently located in midtown Kendall: 127th Ave and Kendall Drive (where HH Gregg used to be).

Being that we have visited a few Lucky’s stores up-North, we are excited that they chose to be one of our healthy chains investing in Kendall. Our communication with Lucky’s corporate has been consistent so we can get you the latest updates. They should be open for business by the fourth quarter this year so patience everyone, patience… The wait will absolutely be worth it!

Useful links: Main site , Membership for Lucky’s Reward’s If you sign up now, change the local store when the Kendall store opens. Weekly Ad Savings

We hope to receive any new store openings or closings from our fellow community of other Major Chains Investing In Kendall area so we can keep everyone up to date. To submit a location is easy, click HERE

Written by: Oliver Solorzano