How Chef M. [Chef Michelle] from Latin House Grille Captured the World by Food Truck

[Full Story] Interview by Oliver Solorzano

If you are thinking of starting your very own food truck business, you must read and or watch the video of this interview below.

Or, if you are thinking “starting a food truck is my way to claim independence from my 9-5”, this article may be an eye-opener and help you out. If you thought that a food truck was your easy way out and an answer to earn a great living fast, think again!

Chef M Spills the Beans on his Challenges and Past

Chef M shares pitfalls, some of his wins and losses and just about everything else along the way of his food truck undertaking. The interview is longer than I would have hoped, but the excellent vibe and content made me do it! Thank you Chef M!

Food Truck Pioneer Sets the Stage for the Rest

Kendall, particularly, is not necessarily known for it’s amazing and creatively themed and decorated food trucks, even though it should be.

Clase de Gente

Kendall, however, is known for its original flavor and excellent Clase de Gente. This comment stems from our most recent interactions with great business leaders in our community that we have come into close contact with in the past month.

Amongst some of the businesses leaders in Kendall that I can attest to and include in this list are

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