WeAreKendall.com ‘s First Ever Anniversary and The OfficeCake Blessed us With Their Flagship Cake!

WeAreKendall first Anniversary celebrated with The Office Cake

When the businesses in Kendall started to show support and frequently asked us to feature them and their products or services, we knew we were onto something.

When it seems right and it feels right, right from the beginning, I go for it every-time. Sometimes you can tell a lot about someone or some company with their approach. When people reach out on corporate mode, or on angry mode, or Im the boss mode, I don’t go out of my way. When someone comes across as a genuine person, its like a perfect match and I make the time to go see them.

If you are having a corporate occasion and want a logo or a picture on top of the cake, Publix will hardly be the place to make that cake, call the office-cake or DM them on their Instagram page @theofficecake

We have been blessed through this journey to meet people as special as those locals with businesses in this area. Just like Eddie and Sarah, theres Mike and Kathy, Danny and Derrick, James and Deiza, and many many more..

We value everyones true intentions to grow this great unincorporated area of Miami-dade county and we wish everyone a lot of prosperity.

Thank you for watching! Kendall, #letsgooo