The Beginnings of a Hyperlocal Blog in Kendall

The beginnings of a Hyperlocal Blog in Kendall

Hello Kendall!  

Welcome to  A hyperlocal blog Serving the Kendall Community to share ideas and gather information … A project inspired by the beautiful people of this community … A place for just about anything Kendall!

Who I am

Hello, My name is Oliver Solorzano, I am the creative director and publisher of this hyperlocal community blog. I’ve lived in enough places throughout the U.S. to appreciate how great our town of Kendall really is. It is with pleasure that I serve this growing community once again. My initial connection here came in 1997 with my first business venture, a unique DJ- inspired barbershop located on Sunset near 104th Avenue. (Currently Yankees Barbershop.) Although it went bust just two years later, it provided lessons no MBA could have taught.  

Why I’m Doing This

My involvement with in-person sales over the past decade has exposed me to wonderful Kendall residents – their homes, children, pets, and issues. I do not think I speak alone in saying that Kendall needs a meeting place. More importantly, my association with businesses, companies, people, and the government has woken a curiosity to give this project everything I can possibly give through the human experiences in my lifetime.


The hyperlocal site to share just about anything that has to do with Kendall. A few examples of how we will be serving the Kendall community include:

  • Announcements of local events
  • News about Kendall people
  • Highlights of area locations
  • Reviews of local restaurants and businesses
  • And anything else important to and about this great community
  • We also intend to present free classes, workshops, and other fun get-togethers for Kendall residents to enjoy. Check the site for details.

What You Can Do

Our success or lack hereof is solely and wholeheartedly dependent on the contributions via engagement on this site. This can only be accomplished with the participation of as many Kendall community members as possible, including those of all ages, professions, cultures, nationalities, sexual preferences, etc. So here are a few things you can do:

Visit and share with your friends and family to see the latest content.

Join our team by submitting a post about something important to you and relating to Kendall here.

Comment on other people’s posts at the bottom through your FB profile.

Visit, follow and engage with our social media pages on Facebook Twitter Instagram. Tag your posts and comments with @wearekendall and #wearekendall to increase our reach.

And if you have ideas for how to use this website to best serve the people of Kendall, pass them along. Our doors are always open, and we’ll do our best to help. Contact us via our suggestion submission form HERE.


Oliver M. Solorzano

March, 2019

Founder – Creative Director

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