6 Insightful Steps to Self Healing and Getting Away from Excuses

Hey there Kendall!  As my first posts in WeAreKendall.com, I want to share about change and healing, something to which we can all relate. This post may not sit well with some people but then again, medicine doesn’t always taste or feel good.

Healing is Possible

As adults, we are responsible for our healing. For some, there are very painful wounds and scars from their past that are hindering them from moving forward.

Here’s the thing: We can not change what was done to us or by us. However, we cannot keep using our past to justify the lack of movement in the present. Healing is possible.

As adults, if we want to move forward, we must take responsibility for our healing. Sometimes, the healing can happen quickly because the wounds are on the surface. However, there are times when wounds from our past are so deep that we need help to get it ‘cleaned’, or healed.

For example, if I hurt my finger while cutting onions or cleaning the bathroom, I can probably take care of it by using some antiseptic and a band aid. However, if I slice it deep where it starts to bleed profusely, I will likely need to go to the emergency room for stitches. If I try to fix it myself with just a band aid, the wound could get infected and cause additional injury.

If I just sit there, bleed and complain about the pain instead of getting help, who is to blame then?

6 Steps to Starting the Healing Process

Much more can be said on this topic but I’ll stop here. For now, here are some steps you can take to start the healing process.

  1. Decide in your heart and mind that you WANT to be healed.
  2. ReadMaking Peace With Your Past‘ by H.Norman Wright.
  3. Start a journal to write down your feelings about the wound. There is something therapeutic about journaling.
  4. Do at least one thing each week that will move you toward healing. Be aware that you may have to deal with some painful issues before you get to the root of the pain.
  5. Seek professional and wise counsel to help you work through the deep stuff.
  6. Trust the process and believe that your healing will come as you put in the work.

Written By: Harolyn Salandy

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