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Food for the Kendall Soul - We Are Kendall

Food for the Kendall Soul

Written by: Oliver Solorzano Video by Aerial Recon Media Productions

Hello Kendall!

We had the pleasure to meet and now introduce you to a local Holistic Healer Counselor Gioconda (Yoko) Bagnariol, CHHC, AADP, CHT. What is a Holistic Healer Counselor? Great question! Click on the video below to get a better understanding of what this can mean for you and your family then continue reading the text below the video for more context.

Holistic Healer Counselor: Gioconda Yoko Bagnariol – Interview Video by Aerial Recon Media

Throughout this interview, our new contributor James Fernandez and I were able to get a glimpse into the benefits of this ancient, yet modern method of health and wellness healing. This is best explained by Yoko as “Food for the Soul”.

What has us jumping out of our seats and intrigued like nothing else are the benefits that this can bring for you and your family’s well being. We hope you can find some light in the content mentioned here that will lead you to the necessary areas in your life to break through any barriers holding you back from achieving your true potential.

Energy Balancing: Why You Should Care about your Energy

Google interprets Energy balancing therapy as a therapeutic modality that is able to precisely register disturbances of the body on an energetic level.

Taking care of the emotional well being is important to keep us aligned with our inner self. The benefits range from being healthier physically and emotionally to helping us reach those goals for some reason or another we never seem to be able to tackle.

Energy Blockages and Our True Potential

Sometimes we have blockages that prevent us from reaching our goals and fulfilling our true potential but there may be more to this than meets the eye.

Per our conversation with Yoko as noted in the video above, there may be something more holding us back. Remember that healthy diet we could not maintain? Or, perhaps our commitment we broke with ourselves at the beginning of the year when we told ourselves we would whip ourselves into shape this time.

Using a Holistic Healer to Unclog Energy Traffic Jams in our Body

Using a holistic healer can and will help us to unclog these energy centers and allow for energy to more freely express itself throughout our bodies.

These energy imbalances can be common due to traumas or specific stresses we have experienced in our past. One way to learn about and work through these pain points may be through a professional to help us with the release and guidance of that energy.

Many of the efforts offered by Yoko can help alleviate many if not all of these symptoms. There are many holistic healer counselors in our area and if not Yoko, we suggest you get a consultation with someone that knows how to guide the energy in our body to achieve better results.

Internal Intelligence Wiring

Something tells me that some part of the wiring of our internal intelligence may be the cause for the self-sabotage that we experience in our daily lives.

With this piece, I am hoping some of us start searching internally in order to get more acquainted with our personal identity and start a more advanced development of who we are and who we intend to be. Yoko is but a channel for us to use to gain access to these realms.

This piece came about through a collaboration with James, from Aerial Recon Media, our new video contributor, and partner who took the time to record and edit the footage from the interview. Thank you, James!

Yoko’s services are offered in person on an individual consultation basis. She can be contacted through her website

Compensation Disclaimer: No compensation was received by any of us writing or contributing this blog post and interview. We decided this was a great idea because of the importance and impact this may have on someone’s life. The traditional means of science help us with our physical health but does nothing for the emotional balance one needs in our day to day lives. Even though every person’s situation is unique when we make it a demand to get to know who we are and why we feel a certain way or we want to know where certain feelings are coming from, visiting a Holistic Healer and Counselor may show some benefit.

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