How to Lose the Excuses and Find a Better Version of Yourself

Lose the excuses and find a better version of yourself
Written by Javier Salmon

HOW? If you recall at the end of my last post, I used what is known as a “Shameless plug” for a future post. Since I will never let you down, well,  here it is. So do me a favor, Lose the excuses and find a better version of yourself.

For those that are wondering HOW:

We already discussed our lack of time or at least the perception of the lack of our time.  I also understand that after a long day or work and kids, you are tired, believe me, I do (Read my previous post here, if you don’t)  

From here on, because I know you need it, I will attempt to help by utilizing one of the power persuasion techniques.  This will be an attempt to not only get you motivated but to show you that finding/making the needed “time” is not as difficult as you once thought.

My goal is to give you perspective and help you ignore the distractors of “time”.  I encourage you to follow me on this if you are looking for help. It will benefit you in a significant way, I promise.

Not long ago I went through a period in my life where I “experimented” within the multi-level industry. I am sure I am not along here! I am not here to introduce you in any way to any particular company but what it did do is it helped me achieve a level of success that I needed at that particular point in time. In my case, the additional income truly motivated me.

Ever wonder how these companies keep hundreds and in many cases, thousands of recruits motivated? I know I did. If you are like me, you wonder, but how?

Wonder no more, the answer is money!  The lure of additional income keeps you coming back and engaged or “dialed” into the office. It starts with the person who is responsible to train you to develop your why. Your true intentions and show you the pathway to success.

Once you understand how to become independent and you get to a point where you are training your very own people, your next challenge is keeping your organization alive and thriving.  This mindset helps you create recruits and a pipeline at the end of the month, not to mention additional income.

Getting your Gluteus Maximus Off the Couch

Now, using only the same principles, what if I give you some of those tools? Tools that will help you get your gluteus maximus off the couch and keep you from uttering or thinking of the excuses?

I know what your thinking…  Javier, you are out of your mind, so let me stop you right there, we can do this.  

How do you feel when you plan on going for an activity in the morning but by the time you wake up, you have suffered a plethora of relentless excuses?  By the time the alarm clock starts to ring, you have convinced yourself, if not self-sabotaged your opportunity to change your “new” healthy habits to wake up and sacrifice some time of sleep.  

Remember all the strong talk the night before about “becoming active”, and how you will start enjoying the enormous amount of benefits resulting from “being active”?

Well, I have some unfortunate news.  You cannot be active from the comfort of your bed!  Well, we can argue that, but let us keep this on the topic (wink, wink)    

Sometimes our reasons are real,  like ”I can’t do it because of bad knees and hips and/or ankles” which in many cases are valid to keep you from training and running.  But if we change our perspective from “I can’t”, to “once I am better from my injury I will…”

What I am trying to instill upon you here is some perspective to help you reach deeper inside.  We have all the answers inside ourselves. Look in the mirror and view yourself. Even if you do not believe it right now, view the perfect man/woman that you are inside your skin and love yourself.  

Understand that you have so much to give to both yourself and those that love you.  Be an example to your family for an active lifestyle. Make it easy for them to pick up new active lifestyle habits.  

Michel Jackson has a song,  “Man in the mirror”. He says it best:  

“I'm starting with the man in the mirror 
I'm asking him to change his ways
And no message could have been any clearer
If you want to make the world a better place”

Friends, let me add a little salt and pepper here. You want to change the world and all in it? Change your ideas.  Not only the ideas about your active lifestyle, change your ideas about work, relationships, about yourself, and if you do so you will experience a new you.     

Let’s start by finding and dissecting the definition of the word motivation which is the key. This is where the rubber meets the road, friends. Let’s dig deeper into the subject matter and let us help you find a reason “why” so that the “how” will become the roadmap.


A. The reason or reasons one has for acting or behaving in a particular way.
B. The general desire or willingness of someone to do something. WHY will you?

Motivation could be external or internal.

External: It may work and you may rely on it for a little bit but in my own experience it does not work. The external type I tend to compare to inflating a tire that has an air leak.

Internal: Through those initial encounters with the MOTIVATOR you should find the reason why this is important to you.  You will find the inner strength whereby you do this for you, without any external forces having to continually “inspire you”.   

In my active life experience, there are some common denominators that I will outline for you but again, what will you do for yourself?     
Always remember: You are a sum of many parts.  What if by being active some of those parts begin to improve?  Will you say then that you are becoming a better you?

Having said this, let’s go through some of the “Why” reasons that I have found out people relate with and are successful in becoming active.  

Reasons Why I Want to Change Existing Habits and Form New Habits

  1. Weight management,(fat burning)
  2. I Enjoy eating food (a lot)
  3. Better sleeping
  4. Better blood pressure
  5. Extremely good heard rate
  6. Feeling strong
  7. Better breathing
  8. Of course your libido: For ladies as well as men. If you already think you feel good now, then you will feel amazing.
  9. Time management (you will learn how to make time for you)
  10. Community. It is likely that you will do a few of these activities by yourself, but you will find a lot of people like-minded that will help in making a better version of you.
  11. Family time will improve. You will be more alert and present at all family events
  12. As you begin to enjoy your ME TIME – ALL your daily issues will be dealt with as you get new and fresh oxygen into your system. Answers to questions will flow, prayer time will become second nature
  13. Your MUSIC likings will not be questioned, hard rock AC/DC – those songs make this runner FLY and nobody complains.

Okay Kendall, here is your homework:

1.  Find someone that could help you get started, someone to talk to, a motivator. (Yours truly could assist you) You know where to find me.

2. Take some time to think about your “Why”. I may have outlined a set of reasons strong enough so you could start working on, but if in this set of reasons that I have outlined nothing speaks to you. Then, let’s talk about it.  I will help you find a “WHY”, come meet me at any of our running clubs, bring some comfy shoes – I will walk with you and talk until we find the true internal motivator. The strongest reason possible to help you find the better version of you.  

3. Still, don’t know HOW… Do me a favor?  Whatever time you get home, get yourself some shorts, sunglasses if the sun is still out, a set of comfy trunk and shoes (don’t think JUST DO) walk out the door and put the right in front of the left, left in front of the right to the point that you are breaking a sweat.  It should be a minimum of 30/45 mins. Walk, fast walk, jog. Do something that feels easy. Once you are sweating go home… That is is. Done. Do that 3 – 4 times a week and read the article again.

Change will come for those who dare to change …Just saying!

Hope to see you soon.. you know where I am and where I will be.

Mr. Fish <((((><

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